Nutmeg Destroys My Halloween Costume

I bought some lovely deer antlers from Walmart for my Halloween costume. I saw another pair that had flowers, but they were made for a small child, so I thought I might DIY these in a similar way. I put the bag down next to my office to remind myself to carry them into the craft table. The antlers cost me about $7 to make.

I forgot Nutmeg likes to investigate all items in any container within  her reach. She seemed to favor the fuzzy ears and tail.

Maybe I'll go buy Nutmeg her own pair. Or maybe a big stuffed dog toy!

Here's the finished antlers!

Walmart DIY Deer Antlers


  1. Those antlers are amazing! Your cat has such a personality, great blog.

  2. It's so funny yet sad your costume got destroyed. However this cute little face is always forgiven


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