Smarty Kat Hot Pursuit Toy

Nutmeg has an overabundance of energy. Even after playing with her and taking her for walks, she still sometimes has more energy than she knows what to do with. Occasionally, that means she gets a little destructive by tearing up paper or going through the trash can.

I saw others post their cats playing with the SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Toy on Youtube and thought this may be a good solution.

Turns out, it's been great. She loves it. First thing in the morning after breakfast, she runs over and waits for someone to turn it on for her. I wish I could teach her to turn it on herself!

Maggie doesn't play with it often, but she joins in sometimes and they will play together.

Sage isn't really interested in playing of any sort, but she seems to like watching Nutmeg play.