Maggie the Lion

Maggie has loved to wear clothes since she was a kitten.

I've never had another cat who got clothes like she did. When I put them on her, she goes to the door, because people put on clothes to go outside. She does associate clothing with wearing her harness to go for walks, but she doesn't just walk around. She looks for a neighbor so she can show off her outfit.

She also loves Halloween. I used to put her in a costume and a harness and let her help me answer the door to trick-or-treaters. She absolutely adores children, and the noisier and more excited they were, the more she loved them.

Maggie is 18 now, so I don't put costumes on her often anymore. This lion hat was a little big, but she liked wearing it. The surprise was her little sister's reaction!

Maggie's favorite red cape

Maggie the Sailor

Sherlock Maggie